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Some years ago, I went on a personal journey that changed my life. I took an extended vacation to visit Europe that turned into an eight-year living experience in Madrid, Spain. During this time I had the privilege of traveling extensively to neighboring countries sometimes on my own and other times with those I met along my journey.  Many of these wonderful people opened their hearts and homes to me and made me feel I was "familia".  I quickly immersed myself in the European way of life and learned to be a traveler, instead of a tourist. I embraced my wonderful friendships and was grateful for all our time together, especially since I was living alone on the other side of the ocean in a country unknown. It was these experiences that opened my mind and heart, and the emotion from the warmth of strangers that I have a passion and love for travel and continue to unite with other cultures. Travel means different things to different people.  For me travel is an education for life. I learned a lot from living abroad. I highly recommend it, even if you can't spend 8 years abroad. I have never regretted taking this journey and I'm always excited when the opportunity to travel arises. Personal tragedy required me to return home.  However, I knew one day with God's blessing, I would someday continue my passion to explore the world and help others discover that travel is an education for living.  My someday happened in September 2012  when I started my travel business after finishing a career as a consumer advocate for the State of NM and as a congressional staffer.

The concept of Travel to Amazing Places LLC is about YOU. Your interests, your plans, your dreams, your money, your time, your likes or dislikes, your everything to create your ultimate travel adventure.  I am not a travel agent, I am a Travel Advisor. I work for my clients to do your travel planning.  I design and plan every intricate and important detail of your vacation as if it were my trip to ensure that it is nothing less than the trip of your lifetime. 

As someone who has traveled extensively independently and with escorted groups, I’ve experienced the best that travel has to offer and have had a couple of experiences that were not so memorable.  My goal is to offer you the very best that travel has to offer using my personal hands-on experience and continued training so that I can provide you with accurate, reliable information, and expert advice.

I specialize in custom group and independent packages to Western Europe by land and river cruise, and land tours to Costa Rica, Hawaii, and all-inclusive luxury resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico.  

The World is yours to explore.  NOW is the best time to travel.

Are you ready to plan your ultimate adventure?

I want to know about YOU and your travel companions.


Contact me for a complimentary consultation at 505.670.1265 or

email me at

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Please sign up for a complimentary 20 minute telephone consultation. I will gather some preliminary information about you and your travelling companions that will help me match your expectations for a memorable vacation.

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