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With amazing ruins, such as the famous Acropolis, lively taverns and ancient antiquities, Athens is rich in discovery. It is this unique clash of past and present, ancient and edgy that makes Athens worth exploring. From street food to fine dining and everything in between, Athens is a culinary treat. Don't skip out on exploring local neighborhoods, such as Monastiraki, Pittaki St, Plaka, Kolonaki, Exarhia, and Gazi.



Travelers of all types will love its rolling hills, white beaches and “little Venice,” an 18th-century historic district. Explore the charm of Mykonos’ capital city, Chora, with old windmills and sky-blue doorways, sugar-cube houses and churches draped in pink bougainvillea. Take a short boat ride away to the small island of Delos, the mythical birthplace of Apollo and full of Ionian history and archeological ruins.


Like a tiered wedding cake, white-washed buildings step their way up soaring cliffs, making every view a golden one. Explore Sanotirini's capital, Fira, with cobblestone streets twisting their way up and down jagged cliffs, hotels carved out of caves and endless infinity pools. Oia, the most iconic of the island, boasts of upscale houses and terraces with views postcards are made of.



Head to Greece’s favorite undiscovered island: Naxos. Along with some of the country’s most beautiful beaches, this rugged island in the Cyclades features traditional villages where locals still live off the land and weave their clothing on old-fashioned looms. Your clients can explore ancient monasteries and Venetian castles, centuries-old olive groves and white-washed houses on alleyways paved of marble. Make sure your guests sample the fresh-caught seafood, goat cheese and home-grown produce that Naxos is known for.


With sandy beaches, sleepy town squares and monasteries draped with bougainvillea it’s easy to see how Corfu can lure even the most cynical of travelers. There are quaint shops and quiet coves, winding coastal roads and even an old “ghost town”, where abandoned Venetian houses sit covered in moss. From the lion of Saint Mark on the city walls to the swinging gas lamps of the town’s main drag and the unique Italian-Greek cuisine, Corfu is a fascinating blend of all those who’ve called this place home.



Paros boasts some of the most spectacular beaches with crystal-clear waters and breathtaking landscapes. With a stylish capital, swanky resorts and remote villages, it is the perfect undiscovered getaway. Paros is starting to get some buzz and it won’t be long before this island you never heard of tops everyone’s bucket list. There are Byzantine footpaths connecting traditional Greek villages, white cubic houses and an Orthodox church of “100 gates.” Add that to some of the best places to eat in all of Greece, and you can see why it’s every local’s favorite getaway.


Visitors can relax alongside the crystal waters of the Aegean and explore the city’s vibrant nightlife, enjoy the island’s legendary hospitality and rich ancient culture. The Old Town, which is the largest medieval town in Europe, is wonderfully preserved inside massive stone walls. Greeks themselves flock to Rhodes for their own holiday from the mainland. Why? As the “island of light,” it has no less than 3,000 hours of sun annually, almost guaranteeing a good tan.

greek cuisine


Travelers can begin their foodie adventures with the typical Greek food. Things like tzatziki, fava and lamb may seem obvious but they are favorites for a reason. However, this is also the place to push culinary boundaries. Try going vegetarian or sampling some unusual flavors like anchovies or sea urchin. Guests can shop the local food markets for artisanal cheeses, specialty honey and local spirits before enjoying some tasty dessert. Greek donuts with honey and walnuts, mastiha ice cream and, of course, flaky baklava are sure to please.




You’ll begin your romantic journey where everyone does, in “The City of Light” where couples kiss beneath the glow of the Eiffel Tower and along the shores of the Seine. Picture a romantic dinner by candlelight, the tolling of the bells of Notre Dame toll and strolling a bridge where love could be locked away for the ages.



After a stay in a beautiful chateau, you’re off to the Alpine village of Annecy. Encircled by the French Alps this Medieval town is straight from a storybook with meandering canals and a turreted chateau, cobblestone streets and flower-covered bridges.


The Alps are for more than just winter, they’re also a favorite summer playground as well. Let a cable car whisk you high above the city for a panoramic view or visit the local museums. Search for wildlife in the spectacular nature reserves that flank Grenoble or hit the trails for mountain biking along the surrounding peaks.

nice france


The French Riviera is a sun-kissed stretch of glorious beaches and fashionable coastline. Begin in Nice where you can explore the pastel architecture and contemporary art, sun-lit gardens and freshly-caught seafood. If the season is right, make sure to witness the thrill of Carnival and the beauty of the Battle of the Flowers.




Twisting and turning down the hillside, the Amalfi Drive makes its way to the sea, called the “bluest view in the world.” Famous for dramatic sunsets, lemon-scented gardens and piazzas overlooking the Mediterranean, this may be the most romantic spot on the planet.

amalfi coast


Like a tiered wedding cake, the town of Positano climbs its way up the hillside. It may not be heaven on earth, but it’s about as close as you can get. Because Positano is a pedestrian city, couples can walk the maze of alleyways in search of handmade leather sandals and local glassware. Or, they can just stop and relax at an outdoor cafe while chatting with the locals.


Known for over-the-top romance, Ravello literally clings to the Amalfi Cliffs. It has been said that it's closer to heaven than to the sea. The Lattari Mountains loom just above the horizon while below the lights of Salerno twinkle at dusk. The remarkable views, opulent villas and Italian charm are why this small town is known as “the place where poets go to die.”



Capri is undoubtedly beautiful by land...but it’s magical from the water. From the moment the water taxi arrives until you catch your last glimpse as the hydrofoil speeds away, this seaside paradise is a place of dreams. There’s a picturesque lighthouse for the perfect selfie backdrop and a chairlift that takes you to the highest point on the island for a bird’s eye view of the sparkling waters.

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